Just Announced: The ViewStub Production Studio!

production-studio-laptopOrganizers have learned a lot about creating online event experiences over the last year. Throughout the chaos of postponing events, transitioning to virtual and converting to hybrid events, organizers have discovered new ideas and creative ways to deliver more event value, both in-person and online.

This year, they’re focusing on the long-term plan for events moving forward which includes looking at ways to increase audience engagement and improve the overall attendee experience in digital environments.

Many of our agency clients are highly successful by concentrating on production value. They are creating well branded, cohesive experiences by going the extra mile with on screen graphics and mixing in presenters throughout the event. Granted these agencies are hosting high-end brand awareness and brand activation events for major brands, but this simple attention to detail translates to any type of event.

You don’t have to have a huge multi-million-dollar budget to create a professional quality event experience. ViewStub is proud to announce that we have launched our new Production Studio - a fully customizable native streaming studio that will allow our event partners to easily produce high-quality experiences right from their account hub. This studio incorporates all of the industry-leading features that streaming services like OBS and StreamYard provide, directly integrated into our platform. By removing the need for these third-party streaming services, ViewStub is now a true one-stop shop for event ticketing, streaming, production, and monetization. Event professionals can easily host, promote, and stream their events all from one central platform. 

Here are some tips to help you add production value to your events with the ViewStub Production Studio: 


Live Stream Graphics – Full screen backgrounds or backdrops to enhance the studio appearance.

Lower-third Graphics – These are captions or titles that provide context around the speaker, such as the speaker’s name and title. They can also be used to brand the content with the event logo.


Pre-recorded Videos – Build excitement for the upcoming session with a preview into the content or keep attendees engaged with transitions between events. Add some fun with entertaining 60 second spots that play just before the live broadcast. These can also offer a great opportunity for sponsor exposure, which can be used to cover their cost.

Overlays and Banners – These are great for sponsored content, offering value-added exposure for your sponsors.


Roaming Reporter – Between sessions, cut to a remote reporter on the session floor. Have them interview in-person attendees to give the folks at home a feel for the event.




Ready to Take Your Events to the Next Level?

If you’re ready to up your production value on your events, ViewStub has you covered. The launch of our production studio enables organizers to create a broadcast-quality event experience with cohesive branding, helping event professionals deliver engaging online events all from one platform. 

The ViewStub Production Studio will offer many options to add custom branding with backdrops, lower-third graphics, overlays and banners. Produce your event like a pro – mix presenters, media and screen shares all within the studio. Here’s a look into features of the studio:

  • Mix presenters, media, & screen shares on the fly
  • Have up to 10 presenters on-screen at a time and 25 backstage
  • Multi-user/team member collaboration
  • Customizable backgrounds, overlays, lower thirds, and logo placement
  • Virtual presenters are invited with a simple link
  • Organizers, Moderators, and Presenters can share their screen with one click – and share up to TWO screens at a time
  • Upload VOD for non-live content streaming
  • Content queue for production and program agenda and consistency
  • Recording Capabilities

The ViewStub Production Studio has everything you need to produce an outstanding event within an easy-to-use live streaming solution.



Virtual events have proven their effectiveness over the last 12 months, and they will continue to be a valuable channel for reaching a target audience.

ViewStub’s Production Studio makes it easy to custom brand your event right within the platform. Adding a few graphic elements and planning the online experience can go a long way towards elevating the overall production value and ensuring attendee engagement.


About ViewStub

ViewStub is a virtual and hybrid event platform that makes it easy for event organizers to sell tickets to live events or sell access to pre-recorded sessions right from their website. ViewStub‘s all-in-one platform offers ticketing, registration, video streaming and new revenue opportunities for creators seeking to monetize their content and grow their community.