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Official Recap: EventNEXT 2021, ViewStub's One-Day Virtual Conference

June 11, 2021

EventNEXT has been nothing more than a dream at the ViewStub headquarters for the past 2 years. The idea was first brought to the table in 2019 by..

How to Alleviate the Stress of Planning Hybrid Events

May 19, 2021

EventMasters Interview with Will Curran EventMASTERS is a weekly podcast dedicated to sharing tips for organizing live events. The podcast is hosted..

Just Announced: The ViewStub Production Studio!

April 28, 2021

Organizers have learned a lot about creating online event experiences over the last year. Throughout the chaos of postponing events, transitioning to..

Deliver More Event Value by Increasing Attendee Interaction

March 25, 2021

There’s no doubt virtual events present more opportunities for distractions than in-person events. It’s too easy to ‘zone out’, check emails, shop..

6 Common Mistakes with Virtual Events and How to Avoid Them

February 23, 2021

It's no secret that virtual events became a necessity in 2020. In fact, 71 percent of marketing professionals estimate that virtual events will..

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