What is White Label Video Streaming?

white-labeled-brand-activation-eventWhite labeling has become popular in software over the last decade. Often, it’s the quickest way to get a product to market with a minimal investment.

As it relates to virtual events, white label video streaming enables organizations to broadcast their live or on-demand video (VOD) content without distraction from logos or advertiser links in the video player. A white labeled virtual event delivers a professional quality and a consistently branded experience that can integrate into your own website.

What is a white label?

white-label-product-exampleWhite label refers to products that are made by one company then repackaged and sold by another company under a different brand name. In most cases, the second company will customize with their own branding, colors and messaging – resulting in a product that appears to be produced by the brand under which it is sold. In simple terms, “white label” refers to something without branding.

White labeling has been around for years. Some say the term originated from the music business. You see, back in the day before a record was released to the public, promotional copies were made and distributed in a white sleeve. These white labeled records were then sent to radio station DJs and nightclubs to gauge interest prior to creating the final album artwork and packaging. This allowed record companies to better estimate the demand and produce in appropriate quantities.

White labeling exists in many other areas and may also be called a private label. If you have ever shopped at Walmart, you may have noticed a brand called “Great Value”. These products are created by various manufacturers then repackaged and sold under the Great Value brand. These private label brands are presented on store shelves side-by-side with similar name brand products. However, this lesser-known brand is typically priced cheaper than the nationally known brand, mainly because they don’t spend any money on advertising or promotion.

White labeled solutions for virtual events on the other hand, are purpose-built to make it easy to customize the video player with your own branding for a cohesive experience you can host on your own website.

Here’s how a white label works for virtual event platforms:

  1. Company A, develops a virtual event software product, then sells the use of that product to Company B.
  2. Company B integrates the white label video player on their own website, then customizes the look and feel to match the event or organization’s branding.
    Company B could also be an agency that resells white label video streaming to their customers.

Either way, the white label provides a seamless experience for viewers, customers or attendees.

Why consider a white label virtual event?

When shopping for a virtual event platform, many consider a white label solution strictly for the branding customization. This is important for hosting conferences branded with the company logo or even streaming sporting events with the team’s logo and color scheme. But white labeling also provides many additional benefits beyond maintaining brand consistency and eliminating confusion with third-party logos. Here are a few more reasons to consider white label streaming.


Saves Time

A white label video streaming solution saves organizers time and money by using a product that already exists. And, a plug and play white label solution typically doesn’t require a technical background to get up and running. In most cases, installing a white label video player is as easy as dropping a few lines of code onto your website.



White labeling a virtual event delivers more control over the narrative of the event. Organizers own the event production, not the third-party company. Many solutions also integrate a payment gateway to provide a safe and secure method to sell tickets and control who has access to the event. Unique codes provide exclusive access to paid ticket holders or registered attendees.


Newer platforms offer an integrated paywall to enable organizers to handle payments within the white label player. Viewers can easily pay for video content before they access it or even make a donation. This pay-per-view access works for both live streaming content or video on-demand (VOD) playback as a way to monetize virtual events. Integrating payments gives organizers control over pricing, and also enables them to leverage promo codes and affiliate marketing to help promote attendance to the event.

See how Operation Smile raised over $250k during their Smiles Across the Miles virtual fundraiser.


Website Traffic

Driving website traffic is a fundamental goal for most marketers. And, white label video hosting on your own website allows organizations to drive more traffic to their site and keep visitors on their site vs. sending them to a third-party platform. Take the credit you deserve for your awesome content with a spike in qualified website traffic that you can retarget later.



Events are extensions of your brand, and customization is vital to their success. White label video streaming is the best way to broadcast, control and monetize video content. It delivers a professional quality streaming experience, without having to build a solution from scratch. Organizations can customize the video player with their branding and color scheme then host it on their own website. And the final product appears to be their own.

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